A Walk with the King

Over the years I’ve enjoyed writing as an expression of my personal journey with my Master, Redeemer, Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. The writings found within these pages are taken from my online blog called Mrs Lovin My Jesus. Some have been edited as not to reveal specific times, names, and dates of either myself, my children, or others in my life. I have shared many of these stories, parallels I’ve learned, and comparisons with many on my social media pages, as well as with an encouraging group of people with whom I daily share scripture as encouragement and conviction by text message.
My journey, as I’m sure is yours, is a unique story. This devotional book doesn’t read chronologically or even topically. Rather, it is closer to the unknown parallels of life. One day differs from another, so our lessons along the narrow road reflect the same. These lessons and insights are gained from personal unchartered territories requiring much prayer and Bible studies, and word studies comparing today’s understanding with the original Greek and Hebrew meanings in biblical times, all to endure a variety of trials and triumphs. I’ve learned through all these things that God is always right on time. He knows when to bring a timely word from His Word—the Bible—to deliver what we need to help us grow, mature, and share with others who will need our testimonies. I hope these studies are timely for you as well. Even if you can’t relate to a specific one, consider that it could be preparation for something ahead.